• I have created a graphic interface for mobile devices which was tested by my three year old son. It resulted in an intuitive interface for all age categories.

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  • What is iControl?

    We create your own tailor-made home automation at unbeatable price. No wires or drilling is needed. The whole solution is based on your contemporary wiring. The system integrates control features you have been using until now (gates, roller blinds or garage controlling etc.).

  • Controlling

    The iControl system can be managed via iPad, iPhone or simple remote controls. The application is compatible with Android operating system.

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  • Temperature

    Temperature sensors are not only distinguished by simple installation, they are also able to bring information on current temperature and humidity. The monitoring is interconnected via charts providing information on temperatures as well as past developments. Placement of the sensor is at the user’s discretion.

We design and test the supplied solution in complex climatic conditions. One temperature sensor is placed in a freeze box; another sensor is immersed at the bottom of a lake.

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  • Consumption

    The iControl system enables measuring electric power of the whole object as well as that of individual points. The consumption can be presented both in current and in total values. The integrated charts provide a comprehensible consumption development.


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  • Lighting

    We offer several options how to regulate the lighting ranging from the simplest solution – changing the light bulb – to implementing a module under the light switch. The system can not only turn your lighting on and off but also modify its intensity or program light scenes.

  • Detectors

    PIR motion detectors serve not only as an alarm in case of absence but they can also turn the internal as well as external lighting on and off if there are people present in the object. Wireless magnetic contacts monitor opening of the doors and windows. The user is able to view the temporal information on the last update for every sensor.

    The wireless smoke alarm can warn the user of a potential fire hazard.

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